Shipping and Distribution

Shipping and Distribution

Shipping and Distribution Information

If you live anywhere in Atlantic Canada, we are able to ship our alternative bait to you! If you fish on Prince Edward Island or are visiting, we can arrange order pickups from our facility at Nine Mile Creek, too.

For residents of the United States, we are working with licensed distributors to sell our bait in select states. Currently, our bait is an approved alternative in Maine and can be obtained from the distributor listed below.


Atlantic Canada

We currently ship to all of Atlantic Canada: New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Prince Edward Island. For questions about delivery, pickup or for an order quote in Canada, contact us:

Grand Manan Island

For orders out to Grand Manan, contact our distributor for that area: Carter Foster at Hot Bottom Baits Inc.

Carter Foster, Hot Bottom Baits Inc.


United States

Maine and New England

Our alternative bait is now available in Maine and New England. Our bait is listed on the Maine Department of Marine Resources website as an approved alternative bait product. For order inquiries and delivery questions, please contact our distributor:

Erik Ousback, The United States Lobster Company

Phone: 1-207-650-4380

Distribution Documents

For orders into the United States, download the following Chain of Custody document for your records:

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