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Bait Masters’ Story

Bait Masters is a homegrown P.E.I. company that cares about our oceans and crustacean fishing industry. Bait Masters was founded in 2017 by Mark Prevost and Wally MacPhee.

We manufacture and supply Atlantic Canada with a convenient and sustainable crustacean bait alternative. We wanted to create a bait that makes things easier on our oceans and on the crab and lobster fishermen.

Mark and Wally

Mark and Wally are two guys who just wanted to make a difference. They noticed that traditional lobster and crab bait was messy and spoiled quickly. This made the bait hard to work with and a waste of the fish used to make it. Years working on lobster and crab boats made the guys wonder if there was a better way.

They spent the first year in the trial-and-error stage, making prototype bait sausages in Wally’s backyard.

Bait Masters Inc. CEOs Wally MacPhee and Mark Prevost stand side-by-side.

With a proof-of-concept, they were ready to start changing the crustacean fishing industry. They brought their idea to Bio Food Tech who helped the guys produce their bait samples on a larger scale.

After developing the bait, they were ready to hit the water. Bait Masters partnered with University of Prince Edward Island researcher, Krishna Thakur BVSc&AH, MS, PhD, to test the bait in a field study over the 2019 lobster seasons. When the results of the study came in, Mark and Wally were thrilled: bait alternative caught just as many lobsters on average as the traditional bait it was tested against in the study. The best part? Mark and Wally had succeeded in creating a bait alternative that worked and was a better choice for the environment.

Our Nine Mile Creek Facility

Our P.E.I. facility: a long green building with white doors on red dirt and two trucks parked outside.
 CEOs Mark Prevost and Wally MacPhee at a production machine holding bait

Bait Masters Inc.
Nine Mile Creek, Prince Edward Island

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