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Bait Masters Inc. – providing traditional and alternative bait options to fishers in the lobster and crab fishing industry. We are committed to the consistent supply of convenient and cost-effective bait directly to the boats.

Based in the province of Prince Edward Island, Bait Masters Inc. is owned and operated by partners Mark Prevost and Wally MacPhee. The company concept came from working in the crustacean trap fishing industry. Hands-on experience taught us about the real issues that the industry faces: the shortages of bait, cost fluctuation, amount of annual waste due to spoilage, and messy preparation of fresh bait. This inspired our research and development of alternative bait options.

Our bait is made from a mixture of fresh and processed pelagic fish contained in an organic casing. This makes our bait a slow-eroding and eco-friendly alternative to traditional bait. The slow-release of the bait allows for less frequent re-baiting of traps and ultimately requires less pelagic fish resources.

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Bait Masters Inc.

Mark Prevost – 902-316-1867

Wally MacPhee – 902- 314-9754


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