Banner: our facility, boats on the water, a fisherman loading a lobster trap

Bait Masters Inc.

What We Do

Our P.E.I. facility. A long, green building with white doors on red dirt with trucks parked outside.

We’re a P.E.I-based company with island roots on the south shore and Nine Mile Creek wharf. From humble beginnings to our facility today, we believe making a difference starts at home.

Fishing boats heading out loaded with lobster traps to set in the water.

We make and distribute our bait alternative all from our Nine Mile Creek facility. We are employing island talent and supporting the fishing industry.

The back of a fishing boat on the water filled with containers of caught crabs.

We make good, sustainable bait for lobster and crab traps. Our bait is made with less waste, easy to use and lasts longer in the water. That’s a whole lot less to worry about!

two bait sausages together in a black mesh bag.

It’s all about the bait:

Our bait still uses the mackerel and herring that crustaceans love, but instead of all-fresh bait, we use a more sustainable blend of fresh and processed fish. This cuts down on the amount of fish needed to make one unit of bait. Even though our bait might look a little different, it catches just as much as traditional bait – the lobsters think it tastes great!

  • It lasts longer
  • It uses less fish
  • It is more sustainable
  • It is hassle-free to use