Research & Development

Bait Masters Inc is dedicated to sustainability and green technologies,  and we are consistently improving our products through experimentation and field test work. We have  engaged a group of fishers that support our ongoing product development, and we have recently added  

additional space for our faculty, a micro lab and a clean room which will be dedicated to further research and study to continue our focus on developing and improving new bait technology. 

Bait Masters Inc understands that there are many aspects to any new innovative product, and this remains true with lobster and crab bait. Our study not only includes different species of fish and/or fish by-products but also focuses on erosion times, the long-term impact of the species being used, risk assessment, costing, field testing and proof of concept, and business viability. 

Our primary focus is on alternative bait for the crustacean fishery; however, we also have an ongoing development of other green technology related to the industry. We support businesses with developing new fishing products, and we have boats ready for field test work and a lab available for these studies. Ait Masters Inc will support staffing and conducting field studies. 

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